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South West Security Services
Shepherds Hay
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BS26 2XG

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Opportunities to work with SWSS

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest possible standard in security services and are selective in recruiting skilled professionals and highly trained individuals to join our team.

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Please fill out the adjacent application form giving as much information as possible, our online application process allows you to get your initial details to us alot quicker. There will still be a need to post additional credentials after we have analysed your initial online application, please see below requirements for work:

  • Copy of passport including Visa page
  • Copy of SIA badge
  • Proof of address
  • Copy of academic record ( Certificates )
  • Driving Licence [copy if any]
  • Copy of NI Card

Please Note

All Applicants are thoroughly vetted in accordance with SIA regulations. We only recruit experienced personnel who demonstrate excellent communicational skills, ability to work in a team, leadership, working under pressure and a high standard of customer service.

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 Retail Guarding Static Guarding Mobile Security Event Security Door Security Keyholding

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