5 Essential Security Measures Somerset Business Should Implement

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5 Essential Security Measures Somerset Business Should Implement

Somerset Business Security Advice:

5 Essential Security Measures

All businesses, regardless of their size, must prioritise implementing effective safety measures to ensure a secure working environment for their staff. The level of security required varies based on the business size, specific risks, and budget constraints. South West Security takes pride in being a leading security firm, offering top-notch security solutions for businesses. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline five crucial security measures essential for creating a safe working environment in Somerset.

1. Conduct a Thorough Risk Assessment

Promptly assess which areas within your business premises could be vulnerable to crime, accidents, or unforeseen events like weather incidents. For properties on busy high streets, consider installing shutters to prevent break-ins. In remote areas, high-quality CCTV is essential. Identify vulnerable spots and implement solutions promptly, whether it’s reinforcing doors or installing additional locks.

2. Ensure Adequate Staff Safety Training

Provide comprehensive safety training to all staff members, focusing on emergency procedures such as fire evacuations. Regularly practice safety drills, ensure visible emergency exits, and maintain accessible and tested fire extinguishers. Consider the needs of employees with disabilities or those presenting additional risks during evacuations. Utilise two-way radio devices for effective coordination during emergencies.

3. Secure High-Value Items Effectively

Properly secure products, money, and high-value goods like computers and electronics. Invest in a heavy-duty safe securely bolted to the floor or wall for onsite money storage. If high-value items are stored overnight, keep them out of sight, preferably in a room with minimal or no windows, secured with heavy-duty locks.

4. Employ Physical Security Officers

The physical presence of security officers deters criminal activity, signaling that your business is under constant surveillance. Security officers from South West Security Services observe, report suspicious activities, and respond promptly to incidents. Depending on business requirements, consider various security solutions, such as access and egress officers, mobile patrols, door supervisors, and keyholding services, these are available to all Somerset business owners.

5. Install Security Lighting and a CCTV Control Room

Enhance physical security with a CCTV control room, monitored by trained guards in real-time. Security lighting, especially motion-sensitive lighting, effectively illuminates dark corners, eliminating potential hiding spots for criminals. Combining security lighting with CCTV provides a robust security solution.

With a 24/7 manned CCTV control room, multiple guards on duty, and secure lighting, businesses can trust South West Security to provide expert guidance and tailored security solutions.

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